Sunday, August 1, 2021

The latest Teamfight Tactics update is here

The latest Teamfight Tactics update is finally here and it has a lot to offer. It was about time for Riot to listen to the community and do the changes that make this little game mode far more enjoyable than it was in the past. The patch is 10.19, and we’re more than happy with it so far.

We cannot deny the fact that Teamfight Tactics completely overthrew DotA Underlords out of the game. And although the rivalry between these two communities will keep on raging for many years to come, objectively speaking, TFT is simply superior. This opinion comes from someone who spent a lot of hours on both games. Anyway, we’ll leave the comparison for some other article, and for now, let’s take a look at the features and concepts the latest teamfight tactics update offers.  

The latest teamfight tactics update offers diversity

The 10.19 patch offers a lot more diversity than the previous concept in TFT. This means that players are now able to create far more interesting team compositions, and if they are not seeing success with what they started, switching and re-composing is far easier due to the increased number of combinations.

Even if you are not playing TFT competitively, the latest teamfight tactics update should be a lot more fun to play simply due to the new and unique traits. This update makes every champion special in its kind. There are no longer picks that are completely useless or just used as an item holder, such as Twisted Fate in the previous update. TF is now a part of one of the best compositions, the cultists, and you need him to achieve the sweet 9 cultist supreme overlord Galio composition. Everything just feels so great and we’re so hyped about it!

The latest teamfight tactics update seems balanced

So far we don’t find anything to be as OP and broken as some of the things we had to face in the previous patch. It looks like Riot paid a lot of attention to the balance for this update. We just hope that we won’t have to face the 1v9 Shaco in the form of something else that costs 3 gold for purchase, and so far nothing looks even close to it, which is amazing.

The extremely powerful late-game comps seem quite difficult to put together, which is the risk that players should be willing to take if they want to dominate the later stages of their match. Also, the comps that are quite powerful in the beginning are starting to fall off after the fourth stage of the game, which is also another sign of great balance from Riot’s side.

It’s still too early to judge the meta

We know that some of you are thinking that certain compositions will be way too difficult to counter, such as cultists for example, but we believe that it’s still far too early to judge. The patch has been out for just half a day barely, and so far the complaints are minimal, mostly from casual players. It looks like every composition has its counter at the moment, and Riot will make sure to keep balancing things soon, so the meta is far from being determined at day one. For all of you who are worrying that something is broken, worry not, because even if it is, it will get nerfed soon. What about the upcoming battlepass?

The upcoming battlepass

Nobody is certain what the upcoming teamfight tactics battlepass will offer, but we have to say that Riot did a great job with the previous one. Everything in the last update was galaxy-themed with a lot of futurism included, which was great and fresh touch to the game. But, now it’s quite “mixed” when it comes to the entire theme of TFT, which leaves us very excited to see what Riot has to offer content-wise in their next battlepass for teamfight tactics. So far we’re loving this update, and we hope that everything will keep going smoothly with it. Best of luck in your future games and I hope to see you on the battlefield, Summoner.

Bojan V
"If you feel like you're living on hard mode don't be discouraged. The reward after each level is far greater than on any other difficulty."

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