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Remothered: Broken Porcelain – The suspenseful sequel we’ve been waiting for

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is a brand new sequel to the previous title of the series named Tormented Fathers. When Tormented Fathers first came out in 2018 on Windows, it was quite a fresh new horror experience. It was especially fresh for us, the lovers of the horror genre. And it was even more appreciated considering there weren’t any new and impressive horror releases except Outlast II and Resident Evil 7 in the previous years. Well, finally the horror genre is going to get another addition.

Of course, we already knew that we are going to see another Remothered title, but last night on Gamescom 2020, we got a little bit of insight on the back story of this new game.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain’s story looks promising

Finally, we got a little bit of insight into what is going to be happening in this new horror videogame. The Italian developer studio, Stormind Games has released a short trailer that focuses a little bit on how the story will unfold.

It shows the life of a problematic child that has been transferred from one school to a new location where she will serve as a mate. In the trailer, we are introduced to the Ashmann Inn where the child (Jen) is transferred.

Slowly, but surely, Jen understands that there is something wrong with the house she lives in and the residents that reside in it. It seems like things will start to turn wrong as you slowly discovered the secrets of the Ashmann Inn.

Interesting character development

Personally, I do not believe that graphics for a horror game need to be next-gen or high-end. Of course, I do not necessarily mean that Broken Porcelain has bad graphics. In fact, they look pretty good and acceptable.

What I am interested in these types of horror games are character development and the story. It seems like this Italian developer studio has managed to capture every impressive character development that can get you immersed in the story. This is what makes us scared of these fictional characters. By understanding the back story of our protagonist and the purpose of the “monsters”, only then can we feel the true horror genre experience.

Obviously, to make that story and those characters scary, they need to be backed up with proper lighting and the right audio. And to me, it seems like Stormind Games have achieved that.

Although, this was only a trailer with a couple of gameplay segments. We cannot judge an entire game based on this trailer. Fortunately, Remothered: Broken Porcelain is set to release on October 20, 2020. Until then, we wait. And once it is released, you can expect a full review of the videogame right here on TimeAura.

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