Counter-Strike – An FPS Titan with a huge cheating issue

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the world’s most popular first-person shooter video game title. It’s currently the game with most players on Steam, according to Steam Charts. What CSGO managed to achieve in the past decade, other fps titles won’t be able to in the next thirty years. But, there’s one issue, and that’s cheaters.

Not that other fps titles don’t have this issue, but in a game where millions of young talents are trying to make a career, cheating shouldn’t be tolerated not even the slightest bit.

It’s not a secret that Valve’s “favorite child” was Dota 2 until the neutral item-drop update messed the game up entirely, and then Counter-Strike became their main focus. However, in the meanwhile, cheaters managed to find so many ways to ruin the game for other legitimate players. Is it too late for Valve to save the world’s most polished fps title? Let’s find out.

Valve’s Anti-Cheat (VAC)

Counter-Strike relies on Valve’s Anti-Cheat system to prevent hackers from doing what they do, but it’s ineffective. On many popular cheating subreddits, such as r/vacsucks, experienced cheat-coders laugh at the security levels that VAC provides for the game.

If you feel like this is not true, simply start a matchmaking game in any rank and you’ll see yourself. Cheaters in CSGO are present even if the “top” ranks such as Global Elite and Supreme Master First Class, where the game is supposed to be competitive.

CSGO’s Overwatch System

Since VAC is not enough, Valve came up with an idea for a system where real-players decide whether someone is cheating or not. At first, it sounded like something that’s going to make an entire world of a difference, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Since there is a lot to explain on this topic, we suggest that you take a look at this video. If you still don’t see the issue after this, let’s talk about cheating on the third-party platforms where experienced players migrate, such as Faceit and ESEA.

Cheating on competitive Ladders

Faceit and ESEA are platforms where real counter-strike is played. Players usually create accounts here upon reaching The Global Elite, a rank that’s achieved when you learn the basics of the game. Although these platforms use their dedicated anti-cheat, the cheating problem remains. These platforms host tournaments with real prize-pools, and cheaters ruin the competition for everyone else. Still, think that this is not a serious issue? Let’s take a look at pro-scene cheating.

CSGO’s Pro Scene Cheating Issue

Pro matches in CSGO are hosted regularly, and millions of dollars in money are invested in teams, organizations, and prize pools. One would think that there are zero chances to cheat at such a regulated event, but unfortunately, that’s far from reality.

One of the examples is an Indian CSGO professional who played for the team OpTic India. The name of the player is “Forsaken,” and he managed to reach the absolute top-level of csgo by cheating his way through the smaller tournaments and ladders. Although he got caught, many are still doing this in an undetectable way.

What are hardware cheats?

Hardware cheats cost a lot of money, and it’s not easy to get them. The experienced coders that create these hacks are keeping their circles tight, and only selling to top-tier players. According to some of the rumors we know, these cheats cost about thirty thousand dollars, and that’s not a one-time purchase.

The way they work is quite complicated, and a beginner csgo player might not be able to fully understand them. However, there are a lot of YouTube videos, such as this one, explaining the core of their functionality.

One of the main reasons why this goes unpunished is because tournament organizers allow players to bring their hardware. The CSGO community believes that if organizers forbid players to use their mice and keyboards, this issue will come to an end. Of course, they will have to provide the esport athletes the same models as their original equipment, except without any cheats added in the hardware components.


It’s a shame to see a game such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ruined by cheaters. We hope that Valve will consider this as a priority for future updates. Currently, Valorant is a huge competitor to CSGO and, the main focus of Riot is to make that video game completely cheating-proof. Riot Vanguard is doing a great job at terminating hackers, which is something that we want to see from Valve’s VAC.